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First off, this is absolutely gorgeous and haunting! I just love the intensity in his face and eyes. Those teeth are just terrifying! I would not want to be the one to encounter this guy! I always love seeing pokemon portrayed in a more realistic manner. I don't think it's done enough. The red lighting is such a great touch and the eye is absolutely gorgeous. Lovely fur detail and I love that you gave him whiskers. Not to many people put whiskers on canines (including myself).

The proportion of the muzzle to the forehead though looks a bit off. The muzzle looks too small and short in comparison to the rest of his head. Also using black to shade black doesn't work to well. I've just recently started looking at new ways to try to shade black without using too much actual black. The majority of the mane is pure black. Using a dark grey and building up with different shades of light and dark grey can help give a similar effect to shading black. Using it is okay if there's an area that just needs to be very dark, but in general to really build up the level of fur detail that is in the rest, using dark grays works very well.

But overall this Mightyena is amazing. I also really love the shading of the nose and teeth. And I love the ears as well.
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BrainDeadMareep Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much for taking the time to share. I really appreciate it! I'll definitely be keeping these tips in mind for future pictures. :D
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