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Because I'm genuinely curious...

How does that CatDog picture have 1000 favorites?

I'm not asking about it because I'm ungrateful for it in any way, shape, or form.  I'm asking because that picture isn't good.  And very clearly so.  Well CatDog himself looks absolutely fine in it though I think I forgot to put that spot on Dog's eye (though it doesn't seem like anyone noticed at all).  But that background is the laziest, most rushed thing I've ever done and yet...somehow everyone thinks that picture is good?  

I mean, there's good pictures in my gallery...that one's not it though.  Glad you guys like it but...I just don't see why it's worthy of that much attention...
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I mean...I highly doubt that people think I've left but it's pretty obvious that I've been amazingly quiet here.  I tend to be less active on social based sites when the social aspect is kinda...nonexistent.  And even though DA is an art site, it is first and foremost a social site.  It's hard to be on a social site and not be social.  But this is for the most part my fault.  I'm just not a social person.  It's easy for me to start up conversation when the other person talks first.  Hence why I can be active on Tumblr and FA.

But I'll try not to forget about DA.  I will say I probably won't offer commissions here as I just don't think there's any interest on this site for commissions unless they're point commissions.  I don't need points.  I need money...stuff that can be used in the real world.  That cannot be offered on DA where a lot of people are far more cheap than on FA or any other site I've seen.  So commission offers will be left to FA, Facebook (on my fan page), Twitter, and Tumblr.  If you'd like to follow me on any of those places, here's the links:

Tumblr (main):
Tumblr (art/sketchblog):

I'll say for the art tumblr as well as my main tumblr, if you follow me, you'll have opportunities to suggest things for me to draw every now and then.  I also upload sketches to the art tumblr and occasionally walk-throughs and tutorials on some images if enough people are interested in them.
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Okay, so I know I said I'd open these tomorrow. But I've got time and can really get started today. Graduation's over. Did my whole walk across the stage to get a...fake diploma (I have to pick up the real one later on). So now it's just time to commit my time to commissions and creating business cards and items to sell at future cons. But for now commissions.

And I mentioned my painting commissions and so that's what this whole round is. I'll probably make various other challenge rounds (like pose or expression), but as it's a speed test these will be discounted commissions so my prices are as followed:

Toony Style- $30

(Also offering chibi toony paintings with a similar coloring style only smaller for $20. Example (sketches so far):… )

General Digital Painting- $45

Realism- $55

Those are base prices for single character with a simple background only. Prices may rise based on the type of setting you want (if any) and the detail of the character.

Oh and I do draw humans for anyone who's interested:…

Please refer to my guidelines on what I do and don't draw:…

I want to run this challenge from today (May 6) until June 7 (since I'm getting started late in the day today). Also opening 25 slots (I'll be making a list below of people who are interested in slots). The challenge is speed and to see how quickly I can paint. The prices are discounted due to possible experimentation here and there.

If you cannot buy anything, please don't hesitate to spread the word or share my journal. Even if you are interested please share and spread the word about my commission challenge/speed test. And if you are interested either send a note or comment below.

Payment is not due until after the sketch is complete and you approve it. My paypal address is .
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I don't think I ever shared my tumblr pages here.

Made a second one just for art as my main one is more about socializing and all my various interests.  My art gets lost under tons and tons of reblogs and fangirling.  So art gets separated out so people who only want to see the art can go there and if you wanna talk and know about my interests and stuffs too there's my main tumblr.

Main tumblr:

Art tumblr:
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For all the birthday wishes! :3

And my real present shall be Acen this weekend.  Yeah it's a week later than my birthday.  Still counts. :XD:
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By cheap I mean cheaper that usual so the $5 discount won't apply (sorry!).

I wanna see how many I can do in one day. Also to play around with expressions. Drawing expressions is fun. So...

Plain Headshot sketch- $2
Sketch with color- $3

Don't have a number of slots. Again if it just gets to be "a lot", I'll set up a waiting list. Just comment below or send a note with a character reference.

This is out of the norm for me. My headshots are usually $5. So this is just for...the week let's say. Then prices go back to normal.

Paypal address is

Commission List-

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Price Ranges

~Headshot Sketch…
~Full Body Sketch…
~Doodle Style…

~Headshot w/ Color…
~Cell Shaded Icon…

~Sketch Sheets…
~Simple Character Ref; no shading…

~Single Character; no BG…
~Simple Character ref w/ Shading…

~Painted Icon…
~Single Character; simple BG…

~Single Character; medium difficulty BG…

~Single Character; detailed BG…
~Two Character; medium detail BG…
~Painted Portrait…

~Adding in more than two characters in a detailed setting.
~Full Painting w/ BG (w/ or w/o a second character)…

~Realism portraits. Full rendering of fur, feather, scales, etc. (only not done in oekaki...just a realism example) (WIP Examples:… )

~Let's say if it gets higher than this we can talk about it. Realism full body etc is up for grabs here.

My Paypal is

Comment below or send a note if you're interested. I don't think I'll put in slots for this time around. I'll see. If in the off change I do get a lot of interest, I'll set up slots and then a waiting list.
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By "small commissions" I mean mostly chibi style and smaller objects like that.  Things that are cheaper for you to purchase and quicker for me to complete.  Such as...

Headshots: (though not necessarily in TLK style unless you wanted it like that)
"Doodle Style":


~Headshots: $15
~Doodle Style: $10
~Ponies: $20
~Chibis: $20

I wanna work at drawing a bit quicker.  Plus my current queue is completely empty.  Not to mention work on my Biyomon cosplay is completely halted until I can get materials for it.  And I've (for the moment) run out of things I wish to work on for myself or portfolio pieces.  I want to work at doing freelance stuff as hard as I can.

Also if you watch me on FA you know I'm running a raffle over there.  If you're participating in it you've gotten a $5 discount on any commission.  And honestly you can still join it.  That then makes everything above $5 cheaper.  (EDIT: Raffle is over but for the 89 people who participated they still have that $5 discount).

If you're interested in a slot either comment below or send a note my way.  And if you aren't, feel free to spread the word on open commissions for anyone else who might be interested.  Also feel free to give people a heads up about the raffle and the $5 discount to those who participate in it.

Since these are smaller commissions I'll open up 10 slots instead of my usual 5:

1) :iconsombrathewolf:

My paypal is though payment is not due until the sketch is approved.  I'll only mark slots as "unpaid" after the sketch phase is the person has not paid for it yet.
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I want to try this out. I don't paint a lot but I like it, often more than my typical style (but that's just 'cause I like detail and semi-realism and realism are miles more detailed than cell shading).

By portrait painting I mean something in this style:… , but not as an icon. As a full on painting. This is just the example for style of painting, not exactly type of picture.

It's not my full on realism style but I prefer it and I want to see how quickly I can work through this.

Portrait only. Sorry no full body stuff right now.

Price- $75

Paypal is


Either comment or send a note with what character you want.
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Basically I have 5 basic themes to choose from for now.  Pick a style and a character (of yours of course) and a theme for me to work with.  For example if you have a character you want drawn as a pokemon or a character you want drawn as a pokemon trainer, you can say that and voila.  Picture of your character as pokemon or a trainer.

This was initially posted on FA so all my links are to most of the same pictures I have here...just on that account.

These themes I have laid out for now are the only ones I could think of.  If anyone else has any ideas for future themes, I'll keep them in mind.


~"Doodle Style":…


~Non-Anthro: $45
~Anthro: $50
~Pony: $25
~Chibi: $20
~Doodle: $10

Possible Themes (more may be added in the future):

~Pokemon/Digimon (like your fursona as a pokemon or digimon or as a trainer/tamer/etc.)
~Super Sentai/Kamen Rider
~Species Swap
~Pets (mainly pet portraits or your pets in a cartoony style)

5 slots open for now. Either comment or send a note with what character you want, what type of picture you want and what theme.

Paypal is



Current Commissions

1) Anonymous (Paid/Headshot/Inked)
2) Anonymous (Paid/Full Body/Reworking Flat Colors)
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I know I don't always keep all my new years resolutions. I usually make them too big that they're things I can't accomplish or am too busy with schoolwork to keep up with them. Especially the art related ones. But here's some that I think I can keep up with (not all art related)...

1) Being a better commissioner. I know that before I haven't been the best person to keep in contact with. And I haven't been so good at keeping up with my work. While I'd always do my best to provide a refund when needed (and I do hope I haven't forgotten anyone in the past when it came to that), I wanted to do better. And I think that meant knowing how much work I could take on and what types of things I know I can get done in a timely manner. Also that means really keeping in good contact whether it's via notes or emails or something. So always letting the person check sketches before continuing and such. I still feel very new to taking commissions because I don't take them on a regular basis. So it's good to realize my problems early on and work hard to fix them. Especially since I'd love to eventually be able to live off of doing commission work (at some point in time).

2) Drawing new things. Because even I think everything I draw looks the same. The same poses, the same no's kinda boring after a while. I don't branch out that much. But there's many things I'd like to try drawing at least once. Like transformation art. And I've got one picture sketched up of that. Or more people or at the least kemonomimis. Or anime style. It can't hurt me to do something different and possibly fail. Can't be good at everything right off the bat.

3) Budgeting time (and money) better. Really I don't have much of an excuse here. Don't have a "job" job just yet (if that made any sense). Commissions are my only job so far. So in order to do what it is I need to earn money and work on personal projects or going out with friends, I've got to have an idea what it is I want to use what I'm earning for, why I want it, and how much I can or can't do in a certain amount of time. So maybe there's gonna be days where I can't really go out with friends 'cause I've got a few commissions to do. And I've got to be okay with that.

4) Finally make a full fursuit. I keep saying I'm going to do it but then I run out of time and all I've made are partials so far. But I've got two full suit plans on my list for the year and I want to get them both done. Biyomon in time for Anime Central and Literal Tatoba in time for MFF. Do I have any idea what I'm doing? Not in the least bit. But I can figure it out. And if I can't I can always ask right?

5) The generic "lose weight" resolution but with a twist. Honestly, I've got fewer choices in what I can eat now. As I'm down the organ than helps absorb fat. So diet change is going to be a given. And eating less has become a given as well. Really what I need to do (once the surgery incisions heal a bit more) is just exercise more. For the most part that's gonna lead into this part...

6) Learn to freakin' dance. Para para's pretty easy. It's like...eurobeat line dancing. Tech-para's more difficult but only because it's quick paced. But I could pick it up. Then there's a few dances I can pick up 'cause the choreo's either easy or I've found/saved mirrored videos of it. But I wanna see if I can remember anything from taking ballet. Or be comfortable freestyling something. Or teaching myself some hip hop, popping, locking, tutting, etc. Dancing looks like a ton of fun and it's good exercise (miles better than stupid exercise tapes) and maybe I can't be as good as I wish I could in my mind but I should at least try before I decide I can't do more than line dance.

7) Get my drivers license. Um...I should've done that a while ago. Probably doesn't help that driving scares me a bit but I should do my best to get over that. Not being able to drive is pretty limiting.

8) Don't try to be perfect. That's a bit hard for me. Most times I don't try anything new because I might not be good at it. And I feel like I should at least be decent enough at it. But I'm sure not trying things that I'm interested in it because I think I might not be good at it just hold me back from doing things I could potentially like. Especially when there's nothing really to lose. That's probably why it took me forever to make the two fursuit's I've done (I should take better pictures of at least the heads). The fear of it not being good I guess. But they're fun to make and I want to make more so I should try.

9) Keep working on my cosplay fashion stuff. Basically I'm just trying to make nerdy clothes that are 1) not t-shirts and 2) that will possibly flatter me and that I'd want to wear. I'm no fashion designer but I designed one outfit for myself and I wanna keep going with it.

Okay those are my resolutions. I think they're doable. Sure some of these are just personal projects but...meh. :XD:
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With the semester being over and technically with school completely being over for me, I'm opening up a few commission slots.  Just a few small things that I'll be able to get through quickly over time.  So first up a few head shot sketches that I have 3 slots open for.

$10- Just pencils
$15- Colored Sketch
$20- Fully cleaned up head shot with full color and shading

1) Anonymous (Unpaid/Sketched/Sent for Approval)

Also one slot for a full body, single character, cell shading picture for $45. Only non-anthros for now. I can get through non-anthro art much quicker than anthros plus I might stream the coloring of the full body picture once it's sketched up. I'll run the sketch by you before it gets colored for any modifications to pose.

Edit: Knocked back a head sketch slot and adding in another full body one as I think the fulll body shots will have a bit more interest.


1) SpyingRedFox (FA) Done
2) Anonymous (Unpaid/Sketched/Sent for Approval)

Again, for both of these, more slots will be opened as these are finished.

Head sketches (without color) can be done by the day and sent to you tonight. Ones with color can be done by tomorrow night. Same goes with the full body picture.

Paypal address is

Just comment below or send a note with a ref of what character you want.
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[ ] - You have experienced quite a bit of sadness in your childhood.
[ ] - You are allergic to cats. (Funny thing is I might be.  I just wouldn't really know it since I've never had an allergy test. :XD: )
[ ] - You tend to get very angry when insulted.
[ ] - You are technically a child, but act older than you are.
[ ] - You usually seem placid to others, and may come off a bit snobby or rude.
[ ] - You enjoy elegance.
[ ] - Many people are around you to protect you.
[ ] - You tend to hang around in the shadows more than others, and do your deeds- be they good or bad- from there.
[ ] - You have a lot of hatred for others. You might want revenge, too.
[ ] - You love someone greatly, and want to protect them.



[ ] - You love cats. Dogs are disgusting. (While I love cats, dogs are certainly not disgusting. :XD: )
[X] - You are exceptionally loyal to your friends-or, maybe more so one person than many.
[ ] - You could be described as tall, dark, and handsome.
[X] - You're a bit of a loner in a way; the affairs of humans don't necessarily interest you. (This one actually depends on the day...or what I'm doing...or who I'm around.)
[ ] - You aren't interested in love or sexuality.
[ ] - People of both sexes tend to flock around you romantically. You just can't get a break, can you?
[ ] - You never lie to that special person. (I'd hope not, but considering I don't have a "special person", I can't really say...)
[X] - Failure is not an option in your mind.
[ ] - You like things perfect and elegant. No one seems to do it like in the good old days.
[X] - You can put up an excellent façade and hide what you truly are, and your thoughts and emotions. You are one hell of a butler, after all.



[ ] - Your favorite color is red.
[ ] - You tend to be incredibly flamboyant, cheery, and insane.
[ ] - You aren't really bothered by blood or death. In fact, you might just laugh. You're probably the cause of it, anyway.
[ ] - Whether you're heterosexual with homosexual tendencies, or homosexual with heterosexual tendencies, no one can really tell.
[ ] - You like fashion, poetry, and mainstream cute things.
[ ] - You like someone, but they don't feel the same way, for some reason or another. But that doesn't get you down! …Often.
[ ] - You're a hopeless romantic!~
[X] - You're happy with who you are, and won't change, no matter what anyone says.
[X] - There's nothing shameful in cross-dressing, as long as you look good!
[ ] - There's nothing you won't do for a kiss from your one true love… with tongue.



[X] - You love dogs so much, you practically are one!
[ ] - You aren't embarrassed about being naked in front of others, but you do look good in a nice suit!
[ ] - You're attracted to someone, or multiple someones.
[ ] - You're usually a really great people person, all around.
[X] - You're kind of oblivious.
[ ] - You have a really big secret, but it doesn't weigh you down. (Meh...yes and no...and no...yeah I don't really think so anymore. ^^; )
[ ] - You tend to be the fan service in your group.
[X] - You are insane, to sum it up.
[X] - You tend to bark for no reason.
[X] - You'd love to breathe fire, or you can already. (Psh...I wish I could. :XD: )



[ ] – You love someone a lot, and are sure they love you back, but you feel hurt because they don't always show it.
[ ] – You like making everything cute, from your clothes to your mansion!
[X] – You'd do anything to make the person you love happy.
[X] – You tend to worry a lot about people you care about.
[ ] – You are almost always upbeat, cheery, happy, hyper, and loving.
[X] – You're determined to make him smile. (or her)
[X] – You like sweet things and cute things.
[ ] – You're good at your studies.
[ ] – You love parties.
[ ] – You tend to be the innocent, childish, oblivious one.



[X] – You tend to be used by others, and walked all over.
[ ] – You don't seem to mind being used.
[ ] – You conform to your crowd, possibly to gain popularity or status.
[ ] – You often could be characterized as the puppet.
[X] – You like dolls.
[ ] – You like music boxes. (They're okay...I guess?)
[X] – You hide your emotions, feelings, and desires for reasons unknown.
[ ] – For some unknown reason, you're very loyal to a specific person, as if they created you.
[ ] – People can describe you as distant and disconnected, even anti social.
[X] – You don't make friends easily.



[ ] – You don't like unclean things.
[X] – You have a bit of a split personality. (In a sense...I guess...^^; )
[ ] – You sometimes lie and manipulate in order to get your way.
[ ] – You're "transsexual".
[ ] – You could be described as a bitch sometimes.
[ ] – People have no reason to trust you.
[X] – You have a goal, and won't stop until you succeed.
[ ] – People are disposable to you.
[ ] – You can be angelic.
[ ] – People tend to follow you; you have charisma.



[X] – You are selfish/childish often, but are really working to improve yourself.
[X] – You can be self-centered or spoiled.
[ ] – You love someone, but they will never love you back.
[X] – You have one good friend, and you trust them with all you've got. (Really 2 :3)
[ ] – You love curry, any kind will do.
[ ] – You tend to be flamboyant and peppy, and a bit of a princely character.
[ ] – You can be very religious.
[X] – When it comes to someone important to you, you'll stop at nothing to help them.
[ ] – You have great style and flair.
[ ] – You're good with making people follow you.


Soo...Pluto it is.  Figured so much. :XD:  But then again it's really only by one point over some of these other characters.  Still, this was a fun waste of time. :meow:
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Taken from Wielder off FA.

- What sort of artist would you most identify yourself as? -

A fan artist first and foremost.  I'm sure there's a ton of people who wouldn't like that label or would like to branch out more, but I like being a fan artist.  It's fun drawing other characters in a different style and screwing with my favorite characters. x3  And I'm an animal artist second.

- What would be your secondary identity? -

I'd like to say that it's being a fursuit/cosplay maker, but I feel like I haven't done enough of that yet.  Regardless, I'd like that to be my second identity so I'mma work to make it so.

- What forms of art do you dabble in, but don't excel at? (Keep in mind, this could change!) -

Again, fursuit/cosplay making.  Then again I'm still new at it so I can only get better.

- How would you describe your 'style'? -

A mix of Disney and anime.  My style's strongly influenced by the Lion King.  That was the starting point for where I wanted my art style to go.  And expressions are heavily influenced by anime and tweaked to fit my style.

- What medium do you favor most? -


- What medium do you need the most improvement in? -

Anything that isn't photoshop. x3  Okay, well I'm decent in using color pencils but if there's another traditional medium that I'd like to use more and need improvement in it'd probably be watercolors.

- What medium do you WANT to see yourself improve with, the most? -

Costuming/Sewing.  I've got so many costumes I'd love to make.  Some simple.  Some really, really detailed...most of them are really detailed costume ideas.  I'd love to be able to pull off making some of the more detailed concepts and learn how to make my own patterns and such.

- What are your favorite subject matters? -

Pokemon, animals and whatever happens to be my current interest.  So at the moment that'd be making literal version of the combos in Kamen Rider OOO.  But in general, pokemon.  Pokemon are awesome and so much fun to imagine more...anatomically correct versions of them.

- What are your least favorite subject matters? -

Anything with hands.  Which means I will probably never draw one of my favorite characters (Ankh) 'cause he's...a hand. ^^;  Oh, and machines.  Fun to look at, but I don't think I'll be drawing many of them any time soon.

- List your Artistic Strengths -

Color, expressions, non-human characters, portraits.

- List your Artistic Weaknesses -

Dynamic poses, humans, backgrounds (especially indoor settings), mechanical/technical objects (cars, buildings, mechs, etc.)...

- Which of the above weaknesses would you most like to see improve? -

Backgrounds and dynamic poses.

- Adult Content. . . yes/no? -

For me to draw, no.  Nudity is fine by me, but not going the route to full on adult content.  I don't really have any strong opinions one way or another about it though.

- Adult Subject Matter you favor? -

That's for me to know and you to never find out. x3

- Schooling/Training received in the arts? -

Well, in school right now for traditional animation.  And had some studio art classes in high school.

- Schooling/Training you'd still like to have? -

Aside from a few sewing classes, none.  I'd prefer to just teach myself what it is I want to learn rather than go through a fully curriculum of things I don't care to know about.  Sure they might be useful, but they'll only come into use if you actually decide to use them.

- Would you consider yourself prolific, or a 'quality over quantity' sort of artist? -

I'm too much of a perfectionist at times to be a quantity over quality person.  I take so much time on one picture most of the time.  I'm definitely a quality over quantity sort.

- Would you considering yourself a Fine Artist, or a Commercial Artist? -

Commercial most definitely.

- Where would you like to be in five years? -

Somewhere?  I dunno.  I don't think that far in the future...
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Dang.  So put an MLP pic in a MLP group and that's how you get faves on it. :XD:  

Just didn't expect it to go from 40 something to 203 from this morning to now.  That's what I was doing wrong apparently. x3

Glad to know people do like MLP art that isn't in MLP style though.  There isn't too much of it I don't think.  Most people try to copy the style.  Nothin' against that at all.  It's just not my way to do things anymore.

Also to new watcher, thanks for the watch! :meow:
...should I ever forget it.

By remind, I mean tell me, yell at me...whatever you think is gonna get across to me in the best fashion. Well so long as name calling and being tactless is not involved. ^^;

Sometimes I get really caught up in this idea of success. The closer I get to graduating, the more worried about my career path and money I get. And the added pressure to figure out what I want to do the moment I graduate (mostly coming from my mom) doesn't help either. And the pressure for perfection or to be the best at what I do (mostly coming from my dad) doesn't help. So I tend to forget that I have to like what I'm doing first and foremost. If I don't like it there's no point in me doing it.

This goes for just about anything. When it comes to art, I get too caught up in perfection, trying to please everyone else, and wanting to make myself stand out in some way that I forget that that's just not what I do and it's not what I like to do. I'm a fan artist first and foremost. While I like designing characters, doing so is not my forte, nor what I care to do. I like screwing around with other people's characters. Like drawing my favorite characters as animals. Or drawing realistic pokemon (which I haven't done in a while). Sure it's not something that's gonna bring in money, but it's what I do.

And there's sewing. I'm a newbie at it and I've only made two partial suits and the only thing I'm completely comfortable with making are tails, but I shouldn't not have fun with fursuiting/cosplaying because I'm not good at it yet. I'm still relatively new to the whole artisan crafts game and I can't expect to be good right off the bat (speaking of which I need to take better pictures of both my Sombra suit and my Kyuubimon suit). And if there's something I wanna make, I shouldn't be so hesitant to do so.

And my newest hobby, my blog. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't want to keep writing things 'cause I feel like there's no audience for it, no one's interested, and/or I feel like I'm wasting time. But at the same time, writing about really nerdy things is fun. I'm not a great writer. I'm fairly mediocre. But that doesn't mean I can't or shouldn't share my 2 cents about things. A blog's nothing but a hobby and if I can't have fun with it, then there's no point in doing it, right?

So, if you ever find me complaining about stuff whether it's on my personal blog, twitter, DA, or here have full on permission to call me out on it and remind me that I actually said I like...whatever it is I'm complaining about.
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Firstly, I've got a contest open right now:…

If you don't have time to enter or can't, please spread the word around to people or friends who might be interested.

Secondly, my fandom grounds blog doesn't exist name. Everything got transferred over to a new name and the "fandom grounds" became "The Tokutaku Fur". While I'll probably write about any sort of nerdy/geeky topic that comes to mind, the main focus is definitely gonna be tokusatsu (typically Super Sentai, Power Rangers, and Kamen Rider), anime, and the furry fandom (whenever I can come up with something about the fandom to write about...that's kinda hard x3).

Corresponding Twitter:!/TheTokutakuFur

The blog again still needs to be updated with a look that matches the theme. Hence the contest for the header. The icon contest is just 'cause...the twitter page needs a much better icon than the Sombra cosplay one I drew. ^^; Doesn't match the theme nearly well enough.

Anyways, that's all for now. :3
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Okay, I usually avoid the contest deal because I don't really have the time to offer art as a prize.  But I found something else I can offer instead so here goes nothing:

So I'm looking for two things so these are two contests.  First I'm looking for a header for my blog (currently named "Fandom Grounds" but I would like to change it to "The Tokutaku Fur").  Second, I'm looking for an icon for my twitter page.  Each of these are separate contest with similar prizes for each of them.

*Rules for the header:

1) Must feature the mascot, Literal TaToBa ( ) and Sombra ( ).

2) Must fit with the themes of anime, Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and/or furry (which isn't difficult to do since the two "mascots" are animalistic).

3) You get extra points if somehow Ankh-chan is in there (purely because he's totally one of my favorite characters ever):…

Again that's not necessary.  Just I like Ankh. ^^;  So it's completely a preference and you don't have to add him in (either in human form or hand form) if you don't want to.  You can add in other characters too so long as they relate to the blog's theme.

4) Size must be 760x190 px.

5) The characters can be drawn as anthro or as they are in the "refs".  Just remember Literal TaToBa is part hawk, part tiger, and part grasshopper.  As for Sombra, she's female and not stick thin.  Anthro style, she'd be a little bit chubby.

*Rules for the icon:

1) Must feature Sombra.

2) Must pertain to either anime, Super Sentai or Kamen Rider (though probably only OOO since that's the only Rider series I've seen so far).  So she could be cosplaying or something.  Be creative with it.

3) Size must be no larger than 700 KB.

*Prizes (for both sections.  There'll be two winners per section):

1st Place- A full blog entry featuring 5 pieces (including your contest entry) of your work both here, on FA, and on my "fandom" blog.  As well as being featured on both my twitter accounts.  Meaning I'm also linking to whichever gallery you'd choose (whether it's a personal website or your DA account or elsewhere).  Also you get to suggest a series or film for me to view and it becomes a top priority for my blog.

2nd Place- A feature of your contest entry on DA, FA, both my Twitter accounts and my blog as well as links to your gallery.

The contest will run until September 26th so there'll be a month.  For entries.  Feel free to spread around the contest to friends or anyone else you think would be interested in entering. :)  Also if you have any questions, feel free to ask 'em.
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If you like anime, tokusatsu, and/or the furry fandom (though there's not really much to talk about in that respect :XD: ), feel free to follow that account.  It'll be my main twitter that I talk about all things nerdy, conventions, etc.  And it's my main twitter that's linked with my fandom blog (which in time I'll probably change the blog's name to "The Tokutaku Fur" as well; that name suits me so well plus it's so much fun to say. x3).  I'll probably talk about other nerdy things.  In general, it's gonna be what I have the most interest in though which is anime, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Power Rangers, and furry.  And art.  Some art-ish talk there too if it relates to anything nerdy. ^^;

I'm making Literal TaToBa the mascot for that blog and for that page.  And since Sombra's my fursona, she's the other (obvious) mascot for it.

My main twitter account is @SombraMalamutt if you just wanna hear me ramble about non-nerdy stuff.

Honestly, if there's a series (anime, Sentai, or Rider wise) that you think I should check out, I'll probably do it.  Especially when it comes to Kamen Rider and anime, I'm always looking for some new stuff to watch.
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Sorry for another link to my blog but...meh let's face it...I'm trying to keep it alive.  Or at the least a tiny bit lively. :XD:

But after my friend :iconmeguminokaze: wrote about it on her blog I had to make my own post.  I'm convince the video is a joke, but kinda find it sad people are taking it as a serious approach to trying to get a job...Maybe it's just me that finds it weird but here.  You guys be the judge:…

Going too far?  Taking things too seriously?  What do you guys think?  I'm sure I took it too seriously personally. x3
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